Tactical Training

Learn basic self-defence effectively and in a relatively short time. Practical training in gun defence, knife defence and unarmed combat.

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About Tactical Training

The Tactical Kung Fu Training (T.K.T) programme allows participants to learn no-nonsense, practical self-defence applications in a relatively short time. The programme focuses on unarmed, knife and gun attacks and defences. The course can be taken at any of our Centres or we will come to you. Tailored self-defence workshops and seminars are also available.

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Tactical Training Corporate Team Building

T.K.T teaches its students to understand body language, which is a major subliminal communicator. In an office environment where boundaries, appearances, and confidence are all key factors we believe T.K.T to be a fantastic learning tool in the corporate structure.

T.K.T is a great team-building program, tailor-made to suit your needs:

  • Participants work with each other while learning and practicing techniques
  • Partner communication is a major element in our training, promoting team unity and increasing team spirit
  • It is great fun! While being very informative and practical
  • Techniques are designed for anyone to use regardless of gender, strength, and size
  • Friendships are built around fun and memorable experiences
  • Partner work is essential for our course
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