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Chang Hong Introduction

Chang Hong School of Wushu   Written by: Chen Ching Ho Translated by: Paul Hanrahan and Hsu Sheng-Hsia Translators note: […]

Introduction to the Basics of Taiji – Part I

Taiji: An Introduction for Beginners What is Taiji?  Taiji is classified as an internal martial arts system. There is plenty […]

Chang Hong School of Wushu

Master Chen notes: This article was published in the Chang Hong Wushu 2011 annual book. It details the core principles […]

Principles of Self-defence

Human Nature It is important to realise that people are not basically good. Everyone is motivated by a certain level […]

Senior Class Group Sessions

With all the up and coming Public holidays we are joining senior classes on these days below. Times depend on […]

An Introduction to Basic Wushu Qigong

Qigong can be divided into several types. Such as medical treatment Qigong, fitness Qigong and the type we will discuss: […]

UK Branch

The Journey Begins When I moved to Johannesburg I started looking for a new martial arts school to train at.  […]

On the Functions and Training Methods of Ma Bu

To train Ma Bu is the basic training of learning martial arts. Some call it zhan ma bu(to stand on […]

News on Master Chen

To all our students all over the world. This article section will be used to update you on happenings in […]

Master Chen

A very sad day and a great loss with your sudden passing….too soon my friend. I will miss our teachings […]

Class Terminology

Basic terminology and pronunciation of Chinese terms used in class. Enjoy   GENERAL TERMS 長拳                             Chang Quan    Long Fist […]

Sparring Concepts

Written by: Si Fu Paul Hanrahan   My goal in writing this article is to try and highlight some of […]

10 Principles of Tai Chi Chuan

1. Straightening the head Stand straight, relax your neck, and suspend the head naturally erect from the crown point without […]

TKT article in FM Life

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C.BARNARD Why do I do Kung Fu? When asked the question, “Why do you do martial arts?” I always answer […]

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